Credits for foreigners residing in the coutry

If you are a foreigner but you are residing in territory, there are financing methods for you. Both private and banking entities are responsible for offering means of financing to those foreigners residing in our country who need it, be it credits for foreigners or credit cards for foreigners or even mortgages for foreigners. We take care of finding a financing company that provides you with credit.



Some of the requirements that both private financial entities and banks are the following.

First, we must show that we are residents through the Residence Card or with a passport or a foreign identity document. This is a tangible proof of our residence in our country, otherwise it will not be possible to request any credit.

On the other hand, we will need to have enough income to be able to pay the payments within the agreed term . Basically, we will have to prove that we have a high enough income to be able to meet the loan installments.

And finally, not be part of any list of delinquents . Every credit institution will study each case individually and verify that we do not belong in this type of listings. Although the truth is that there are certain lenders that grant financial aid even as part of the list. As a general rule, it will be easier to obtain financing if we are not part of any of these delinquent listings.

Types of loans

Types of loans

Today, all foreign residents have a wide and detailed range of financial offers. This is due to the high number of foreigners in our country; In addition to the increase in credit institutions. In general we can group them into three different types.

  • Private. Private financing entities can offer all types of loans to foreigners as long as we have an identity document. Basically, these are online personal loans with simple acquisition and reduced procedures.
  • P2P It refers to loans between individuals contracted through the internet. They are amounts of money borrowed by independents who seek to profit from their savings. The interest rate will vary based on the project risk.
  • Bank loans. The banks themselves can also grant credit, but their requirements are usually higher.

Finally, we analyze your profile and we find you financing whatever your nationality

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