4 reasons why being a good driver allows you to save

Driving habits in Peru are quite far from ideal. Every day there are many drivers who commit an infraction, produce an accident and make fun of the law as if nothing. That’s why sometimes you ask yourself, will it be worth the effort to follow the rules and drive well when everyone seems to do the opposite?

Driving properly will always bring retributions, especially to your pocket. These are four reasons why making that effort will always be worth it:

You do not risk causing accidents

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As much as you have vehicle insurance, you will always have to pay the deductible, so driving correctly saves you even that expense because it will not cause accidents.

It does not break any rules: In many districts there are now cameras, so if you think it will go unnoticed, you are wrong. Some fines can be slight, while others, quite expensive. It is definitely better to avoid them. Do not spoil your car: Part of keeping your vehicle in good condition has to do with your driving habits. How it slows, how it accelerates, when it turns on the lights, etc. Being a good driver will help you take care of your car and therefore save on repairs.

Save on your auto insurance

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You now have the option of recovering a portion of what you paid for your insurance, as long as you have demonstrated correct driving habits. During the entire duration of the policy, you will be monitored to show how you have handled and in the end, you will be returned up to 30% of what you paid.

Do not forget that part of being a good driver is having the right protection, that is, choosing the car insurance that best suits your model. Compare your options, choose and keep your car protected.



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